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What is TDS - Introduction

Collection of income tax is a major revenue of state. The power of government depend upon the strength of the treasury. Tax Deducting at source refers to collecting income tax at prescribed percentage as per Indian income act. Deduct tax at appropriate rate when making payment, the amount deducted knows as TDS. Return states of the TDS deducted and paid to government during the quarter or mentioned period to which it relates. The revenue department managed by  Indian Revenue Services.

Process for TDS- Tax Deducting Source

Any payment collecting as income tax shall be paid after deducting prescribed percentage. There are various number of Taxation benefits applicable for tax payers and  Important process to be followed for TDS.

Provide us the all related documents for TDS - Tax Deducting Source and get your job done.

Documents required for TDS - Tax Deducting Source

  • Details of deducties. (i e) - Name , Pan details.
  • Date of payment.
  • Gross Amount , TDS Amount.
  • Details of payment - Paid Challans.
  • Other required details.

What we Do

We will help you on to submit a form as per the guidelines to avoid deducting TDS. Even to reduce the percentage of deduction by providing your pan card. There are some eligibility criteria to submit the declarations. TDS deduction varies irrespective of source of payments. Depending upon the criteria as well volume of transaction. However we will guide you through on TDS - Tax Deducting at source. If you're investing larger amount or save amount there are benefits can be avail on taxes. However issue a pan cards to get deduction benefits on taxes else if you're not holding a pan card, other option to sign form 60 to get the same.

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