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ROC - Registrar of companies - Introduction

Any person who involved in business as owner recording all transaction held in company and filing the tax return is primarily important. It is mandatory that all entrepreneurs must aware of annual review of their business once in a year. Registrar of companies-Companies incorporated under company's act , must produce returns and forms with registrar of the company within the prescribed time limit. As per companies Act guiding law each company must file their annual profit and loss and balance sheet along with proper audited report. if the company fails to submit ROC there are penalties to be paid. In case of non- compliance the company responsible for all offence

Process for ROC - Registrar of Companies

The company required to file primarily the annual report also with company's name, shareholders, and director's details. Usually companies will have annual meeting with the annual report which shows the overview status of the company.

There are many documents along with forms to be filled by the company. Provide us all the required documents to make your process to complete

Documents required for ROC - Registrar of companies.

  • Audit Report 
  • Directors Report
  • Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss account
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Notes on Accounts
  • Schedules
  • Accounting policies
  • company basic details
  • Existing Auditor details 
    1. Name 
    2. Reg No
    3. Address
    4. PAN No
  • Company PAN No
  • Share Holder listCapital and Turnover

What we do

Here is a chance to interact with us for all your business solutions. Since this process consumes much of your time, we will spare our time to make ready of these legal matters from e- form up to all essential documents. We undertake as primary process even it is be produce once in a year. We as your representative with our wide experience take responsible for all your legal regularities of the company, it reflects capital structure of the company.

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