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What is Goods and Services Tax: - Introduction

The authority of government has rights to levy a tax at each stage of sale and purchase of goods and services based on the method of transactions. We usually pay sales tax when we buy a product from a store which is a certain percentage of item charge by a store. It is applicable for online selling also. Paying a tax is a requirement of law and it considered as a civic duty. If any vendor who does not pay the sales tax registration or fail to file a sales tax return, the penalty will be charged on him  and it is a criminal offence in all states.

Process for GST tax filings:

State Sales tax percentage varies based on the type of business like individual, contractor and manufacturer. We provide step by step instruction on sales tax return filings.

Provide us the basic documents to get your job on GST Return Fillings.  

Documents required for GST Return filings

  • Details of Sales and Purchases in our format for the month
  • Details of Stock Transfers, export and import in our format
  • Details of Closing Stock Value and other details in our format
  • Copies of GST Tax Payment Challan after our workings confirmation
  • Digital Signature/Aadhaar Details of Any One Authorized Signatory

What we do

GST Return Filings process seems to be complicated in calculating and make it file according to distinct rules of state government. But it is extremely easy with us. We support and save your valuable time on GST Return Filings and sales tax return as fast as possible. Get our team guidance on online e- filing sales tax, sales tax online payment and make your task as simple with our dedicated professionals. Our experts make you experience the quicker way the process of sales tax return filings from convenient begin to peaceful completion.

iMaster provides Business Support Services to guide and motivate businesses and entrepreneurs to save their valuable time by providing support services.

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