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Thanks for visiting our website. Our corporate secretarial services offer a wide range of services to our clients. We assist our clients end to end on their fast moving growth.

Our clients back end task becomes our front end execution process. This makes them run their Industry smooth with no hurdles.

We come up with innovative ideas which are the result of years of professional experience in this domain. Our experience speaks our action.

We offer wide range of new methodology and ideas to ease our clients with burdened administrative procedures across their functional and geographical boundaries.

Here's list of wide range services we offer.

  • We help our clients in registering their new companies. Be it private limited company that is run by one employee or new company registration formalities for Public limited companies of a big range. We help them in their conversions and reconversion.
  • We offer our services to companies that want to make alterations, or modification to the name of the company, also we help them in making new amendments and alterations in the memorandum and Article of Association.
  • We help our clients overcome complicated procedures when it comes to share allotment or in the consolidation / subdivision of shares, dematerialization of shares. We make this process easy to our clients by our panel who are expert in this domain.
  • Our services involve Reappointment, resignation, fixation or revisions of the remuneration of Directors, Managers, company secretary, compliance officer, secretary in whole time practice, auditors, cost auditors, sole selling agents etc.
  • Our effective services on formatting procedures relating to Board Meetings, General Meetings including pre and postponing of the meetings. Meeting formalities such as notice for the meetings, preparing resolutions etc.
  • Formatting procedural compliances with respect to induction or expulsion of members. Since there are variations in membership rights.  
  • Preparation of annual reports and annual accounts including Balance sheet, profit and loss account, and income and expenditure statement of a firm providing them fool proof auditor's report. Preparation of Directors report, providing statement on corporate Governance, provisioning of compliance certificate, and on providing director's and on providing director's and chairman's statement etc.
  • We closely work on procedural requirements for creation, modification and satisfaction of charges and with the registration policies thereof by the Registrar of companies.
  • We provide guidance on repayment of deposits and payment of interest.
  • Every company has its goal to earn profit and when this profit is earned it has to be divided equally among its shareholders. Not all the profit can be shared. A particular portion is calculated based on the percentage of profit it has made.
  • We give expert solutions on legal provisioning on ascertainment of dividend. Legal provisioning on declaration of dividend. Legal provisioning on declaration of dividend. Legal provisioning on payment of dividends.
  • Maintenance of statutory Registers which needs to be updated and should be kept in the registered office of the company. As it contains details about the registered members, Registered Debentures, Number of shareholders. Number of directors and other important details.
  • Procedures and compliances related to making inter-company loans, investments guarantees and providing of securities.  
  • Filing annual returns. Detailed study of the client's filings of documents including forms and service tax returns and its annual returns with the registrar of companies.
  • Format application to get the approval for the name of the company from the Registrar of companies. For it to get approval for private limited companies. The ROC analyses and gives its consent to the company whether or not the name that is given to the company exists anywhere or not.

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